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V belts are widely used on high speed and high torque drives on light, heavy industrial and automotive machines. The V belts that are manufactured are incorporated with the latest art of technology and compiling all the IS : International Standards. These belts have exceptional length stability, have a great shock absorbing capacity and drive uniformity. The range of V Belts has different sections namely A, B, C, D and E.



Section Nominal
Top Width
A 13.0 8.0 40 16* - 225* 36
B 17.0 11.0 40 19* - 598* 43
C 22.0 14.0 40 36* - 598* 56
D 32.0 19.0 40 95* - 598* 79
E 38.0 23.0 40 100* - 598* 92
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