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Timing belts make less noise compare to chain belts and gear belts and has high transmission capacity and efficiency. Timing belt is widely used for wood processing, mining, packing pipeline, weaving and many other machines. This belt doesn't require lubrication hence its maintenance free and able to deal with storm stress. Replacement of Timing Belts is time and cost saving than the alternative.

Pitch 2.032 MM 5.080 MM 9.525 MM 12.70 MM 22.225 MM 31.750 MM

Different types of timing belts :

PU Timing Belts

PU Timing Belts has high performance transmission. This PU Belts has high intensive and low extension adoptive modules. It contains polyurethane on both side upper and lower surfaces. These belts are available with Open-End and Endless (Joined) kind.

RANGE XL L H T2.5 T5 T10 T20 AT5 AT10 AT20
PITCH 5.08 MM 9.525 MM 12.70 MM 2.5 MM 5.0 MM 10.0 MM 20.0 MM 5.0 MM 10.0 MM 20.0 MM

Poly Belts

Poly v-belt allows drive design to meet requirements of power grip and space. This belt also allows high drive efficiency on small pulleys at high speed and low vibration. It is also known as Rubber Ribbed Belts.

pj pk pl pm
2.34mm 3.56mm 4.7mm 9.4mm

Polyflex Belts

Polyflex Belts has High Modulus Polyurethane compound which resists ozone and weather condition, having strength of smooth drives with high speed and minimum vibration. It is widely applicable at computer peripherals, machine tools, medical equipments, blowers, drilling machines and other small appliances.

3m 5m 7m 11m
3x2 5x3 7x5 11x7

HTD Timing Belts & STD Belts

HTD Belts is high torque drive belts of curvilinear tooth form. It is more compact and more economical belt from Industrial synchronous belts made of international quality standard. STD Belts is referred to SuperTorque drive belts. These special curvilinear tooth design belts are available in wide range and size.

RANGE 2M 3M 5M 8M 14M S2M S3M S4.5M S5M S8M S14M
PITCH 2.0 MM 3.0 MM 5.0 MM 8.0 MM 14.0MM 2.0MM 3.0MM 4.5MM 5.0MM 8.0MM 14.0MM

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