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Cover Fabric

Polychloroprene rubber impregnated jacket fabric encapsulates belt and provides mechanical support high friction coefficient, abrasion, heat and oil resistance and imparts antistatic property to the belt.

Cushion Rubber

Specially designed cushion compound provides excellent static and dynamic adhesion with polyester cord layer, jacket fabric and base compound. It also cushions the cord layer and help to insulate the cords and minimizes internal heat build up due to friction.

Reinforcement Cord

Heat Set, Prestretched, low growth, high tenacity polyester cord provides dimensional stability and high power carrying capacity.

Cover Fabric

The insulating section hold the Reinforcement Cord in the correct position at all times and act as binding section for extra strong adhesion.


Both bottom and top faces can be used for lower transmission. Best suited to multi pulley drive, being highly flexible. Heat & Oil resistant plus static conductive.


Nominal Length
Upto 125 inches 3175mm +/-2 mm
Beyond 125 inches
upto 350 inches
+/-4 mm
Beyond 350 inches
upto 450 inches
+/-6 mm

ALL Match Free Set V – Belts are manufactured in the above Range. However, V – Belts normally shrink during storage which varies due to varying climate conditions. This shrinkage is a irreversible process and the Match Free V – Belts would resume their original length on fitment and after initial run. Also this does not affect the working performance of the Match Free V – Belts in any way.